IS the use of an IT department necessary foe small businesses?

Of late, there has been great talk and discussions on the relevance of it in businesses. It is important to assess the impact It plays on small and large scale businesses. Today we are going to outline the pros and cons of implementing IT in small businesses.So how does an IT department benefit small business?

1. Efficiency.Perhaps you want to get back to your records on sales of a particular day in the previous year, perusing through hard cover books or files will be a hectic task. Why not just have a computerized system that with a simple search you are in a position to get all the information that you need. Having an IT department will greatly promote efficiency in your business.

2. Storage.For businesses that operate manually, the storage of records is not an easy task. This is because the customers’ duplicate receipts and sales record continue to multiply each and every day. This leads to a pile up of business documents. Some receipts get misplaced or damaged in the process leading to loss of important information. Having an IT department will ensure that all the necessary information is stored safely and none is lost.

Why is the use of IT in small businesses not necessary?1. Increase in cost. An effective IT system cost a large sum of money, the profit margins of small businesses are usually small. This will prove illogic to spend most of your profit on this system whereas it does not play a great role as opposed to large businesses

.2. Lack of complexity in small business.As you well know, small businesses are mostly run by the owners or they employ a few workers. An IT department will greatly suit a business with very many employees, where there are numerous transactions that take place in a day as well as situations where there is great workload to the extent that you need to do work from your home.

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