ERP allows a business to exercise a structure of integrated applications to administer the business and numerous back office tasks linked to technology, services and human resources are mechanized through this process management software. Firstly, ERP systems are particularly useful for overseeing internationally scattered enterprise firms in a better manner. Secondly, quicker and easy cooperation will be displayed across all the departments as ERP system offers an improved visibility.

Thirdly, Tracking can be done of all the transactions happening through ERP because it’s more secure and there can be application of centralized security policies. Fourthly, as all the departments will be interlinked so there will be quicker completion of the processes and a smooth transition will be ensured. The cost of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning in a business is very high; hence a high cost will be incurred in order to enjoy the benefits in the future. ERP can only work in a business which has a centralized control hence; its usage can be very difficult in a business which has a democratic leadership style. Lastly, ERP can highly increase the time of project completion because it’s a very tedious process.

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